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A classis is a group of Christian Reformed churches that come together to seek, discern, and submit to God’s will; offer one another mutual support and accountability; find ways to live out a collective calling within their region; and allow for a healthy and sustained connection to the wider denomination. (Church Order Article 39)

Classis Niagara is located in the Niagara Peninsula of Ontario, Canada, nestled between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie, the Niagara River which separates us from the State of New York, and the boundary of Haldimand county, on the traditional territory of Anishinaabeg, Ojibway/Chippewa and Haudenosaunee peoples, covered by Upper Canada Treaties.

The term “classis” comes from the Latin word meaning united in one purpose or a fleet of ships travelling in the same direction. Thus our 14 churches make up a fleet of churches formed by shared faith, history and beliefs.
This website provides information on the meetings and activities of Classis, along with direct links to the websites of the 14 churches which make up Classis Niagara.

The Christian Reformed Church is a home to grow in faith.

As a community of believers, we seek to introduce people to Jesus Christ and to nurture their faith through all ages and stages of life.

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